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Are flights to far away places much too cheap?

Lots of what makes a good holiday or business trip, are the people around you. Of course, we all want to travel in style and with people like ourselves, but sometimes the whole thing can become a rightmare because of criminals, slobs and trailer trash that ought to stay at home.

Wanna know why I say this? Well, its probably best if you first realise that this site was created in Phuket years ago, but has been resurrected by Isme Innit, and luckily since then it has grown to include holiday ideas, travel advice, hotels, accommodation and real estate and places for sale in Thailand – and the core team are remains loyally keeping the site up to date and full of information about not just Phuket, but many destinations around the world.

Since becoming a favorite of US and UK tourists, as well as thousands of visitors from Thai, many of us make lots of friends of our guests, and we would like to say thank you for the holidays we have made because of this. our team of travel bloggers have travelled around Europe and the US as well as throughout Asia.

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