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Name that island – can you guess where we are?

Wait up, I have seen this place before, some of you may be thinking. Here your sharp eye and knowledge of paradice islands can help you find out a bit more about our website which was created as a photo blog about this beautiful island by a changing team of hotel staff .

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Since then the site has grown to include holiday ideas, travel advice, hotels, accommodation and

real estate and places for sale in Thailand – and the core team are remains loyally keeping the site up to date and full of information about not just Phuket, but many destinations around the world.

Since becoming a favorite of US and UK tourists, as well as thousands of visitors from Thai, many of us make lots of friends of our guests, and we would like to say thank you for the holidays we h

ave made because of this. our team of travel bloggers have travelled around Europe and the US as well as throughout Asia.

We love our visitors to contribute, so feel free to email us with a guest post and we would be happy to link to your website from our travel resource. Thanks for visiting and have a great time while you visit our beautiful island or indeed, any of the vacation destinations you see on the site.