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Phuket real estate has access to hundreds of businesses and properties for long term lease or freehold sale on Phuket island. 

Be it a Condominium, Shop, Bar, Land, Hotel or Guesthouse etc, our sourcing team will find what you are searching for and forward to you an array of properties in the area of your requested category, price and location on Phuket island. We also offer a full legal service which will assist you with all transactions of any property and documentation translations. 

If you are already on Phuket island our guest relation operatives offer a professional and complimentary viewing service where we will pick you up from your accommodation at a time which is convenient to you and show you all the  properties for sale.     

Our procedure is very simple.  All you need to do is fill in our online sourcing form and submit it to us and you'll receive full details concerning your request within 24 hours. Please click here to access our online form.

Thank You.


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Phuket real estate for sale in Thailand 

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